The United Americas Colonial Marines was founded in Montreal in 2006 as an answer to the United Kingdom Colonial Marines. The UKCM proved that Colonial Marine fandom could be branded in other countries, and that costumers did not need to necessarily be USCM Marines. The scope of the UACM is that it is a joint task force encompassing the entirety of the North Americas and South America. The Canadian command crew is divided into two sectors: Eastern (Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes) led by the founder, and Commanding Officer Dom Baldwin aboard the UAS Macdonald, and Western (the Prairies, and British Columbia) led by Executive Officer Melissa Klassen aboard the UAS Borealis.

The UACM is a registered part of the Colonial Marine Charter, the recognized body that administers affairs of international Colonial Marine fandom.

Logos of the UACM

Ships of the UACM: