The German Colonial Marine Corps is an Aliens costume and cosplay group made up of Aliens fans. We all share a love for the Alien movies – Especially James Cameron’s second masterpiece. The GERCM are a bunch of ultimate badasses, based in Germany.


  • Name: Dennis Hahn
    Callsign: ObiHahn
    Location: Herne, Northrhine-Westphalia,
    Rank: Private
  • Name: Marco Schulze
    Callsign: Moloch
    Location: Berlin,
    Rank: Private
  • Name: Neil Storey
    Callsign: Schotti
    Location: Wolfsburg, Niedersachsen,
    Rank: Private
    S/N: A12/TQ2.0.02132E1
  • Name: Felix Berner
    Callsign: Burner
    Location: Cologne,
    Rank: Sergeant
    S/N: A01/TQ0.0.12149E1
    Group/s: ,
  • Name: Michael Arnold
    Callsign: Flipyy
    Location: Marburg, Hessen,
    Rank: Sergeant First Class
    S/N: A05/TQ2.2.22149E1
    Group/s: , ,
  • Name: Daniel Dreyer
    Callsign: Tool
    Location: Munich, Bavaria,
    Rank: Corporal
    S/N: A12/TQ0.0.12152E1
    Group/s: , ,
  • Name: Harald Roessler
    Callsign: Pyro
    Location: Meitingen, Bavaria,
    Rank: Private
    S/N: A07/TQ2.0.82152E1
    Group/s: , ,
  • Name: Tobias Vogel
    Location: Bavaria,
    Rank: Corporal
    S/N: A07/TQ1.0.42058E1
    Group/s: , ,
  • Name: Mario Schmaeske
    Callsign: Fontenot
    Location: Saxony-Anhalt,
    Rank: Staff Sergeant
    S/N: A02/TQ1.0.42158E1
    Group/s: , ,
  • Name: Martin Ruffer
    Callsign: Nutty
    Location: Lennestadt, Westphalia,
    Rank: Sergeant
    S/N: A10/TQ.1.0.62150E1
    Group/s: , ,